Recent Randomness

My work surface was covered by a tarp I cut down to size, but I recently purchased red rosin paper for a separate project, and I have an ungodly amount of the stuff.

I mean, truly ungodly. This giant roll cost me only twelve dollars and I had NO IDEA of how much I would be getting when I searched for it at Lowe’s (who, by the way, doesn’t stock it anymore and I had to go to Home Depot ultimately to buy it).

It will be a great cover on my table. I mean, that’s kinda what it’s meant for after all! It’s more absorbent than the plastic tarp obviously, and any painting or stamping done on the surface will layer nicely. (Acrylic paint easily flakes off of the plastic tarp, which really drove me bonkers.)

I can cut off this paper after it’s thoroughly used and abused, and I can use it in my art journal. Recycling is always awesome!

(Side note: look at how clean and organized my desk looks! I guarantee this will not last long…….)

I also bought some adhesive foam sheets to make my own stamps. Other artists have suggested the idea,  such as Traci Bautista in her book Printmaking Unleashed, and Alma Stoller in one of her helpful videos.

I’ll mess around with these beauties and practice some prints on some of my old book papers tomorrow. I’ll be sure to post the results.

Finally, a few words from my art journal:

(ESPECIALLY when it’s hard, you must BELIEVE that anything could happen…..)

Happy crafting, my lovelies!

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