The paint must not DIE

I am a hoarder. Not a hoarder where there are mountains of newspapers and Tupperware and Readers Digests and Hubble figurines and a dead cat underneath it all…. Rather, I am a hoarder of craft supplies, and of anything that could possibly be used as a craft supply.

This means that when my love of wine produces a ginormous pile of those long skinny paper bags from the grocery store, I can’t simply throw them in the trash… That would be sacrilege!

Instead, I made them into an awesome book!

(And I have no clue what is up with these photos. The papers look a helluva lot more YELLOW in the second photo than they do in the first. Thank you camera phone…)

After folding them in half, I used the forever-awesome coptic stitch to join the bags together.

The fabuloso thing about this book is that half of the pages have that bag opening, so I can store things in there, or sandwich some cool papers in between, or just write a secret on a piece of paper and hide it in there.

My ultimate intention with this project is to have a place to put the extra bits of paint left over on the palette. A puddle of half-used acrylic paint must be painted somewhere. It begins part of its life cycle being squeezed out of the bottle, after then it begs to be used, to be picked up by a brush and smeared over a canvas or in an art journal or on another worthy project.

This is the paint’s purpose for existing. To let the paint dry into a hard disc of color stuck to the palette does not honor that purpose and is, again, sacrilege.

If you are as much of a wine lover / hoarder of “stuff” as I am, please do use this simple idea! At the very least, it’s a good way to learn simple bookbinding. The worst that could happen is you tear a paper bag you would have thrown in the trash anyways.

Happy crafting, my lovelies!

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