The One Where I Post A Picture And Say Stuff About It

So, this is the blog post where I put up a picture of a page I did, and I talk about it and stuff.

I have no quirky name for this “type” of post. Maybe I should come up with one like Happy Fun Journal Sharing Time or something. And there are rainbows and 8 bit music and jet-pack-wielding kittens in the background or something.

This page was done in the Green Umbrella journal, and I’m rather proud of it because I did so much of it in one sitting.

My “creative endurance” is usually different in that I don’t do one page from start to finish all at once. I tend to do a little bit on several pages of several books (which is conducive to the fact that I have so many ongoing journals), and so a single page could take months to fully come together.

The Book of The Microcosm (the original art journal, to be featured here at a later time) was started close to a decade ago and I STILL go back and add little things to the pages.

Doing all (or most) of a page at once is a newer process, but one I’m forcing myself to try more often. I also am taking the opportunity to remind myself not to sweat too much about what’s happening. Don’t worry about the end product. Don’t plan and design and make it into a project… It’s just a flipping art journal! Just do it!

So, this page developed organically, one element at a time, and I feel proud that I was about to concentrate in that manner. I found something, glued it down, found something else, did some painting stuff, then all of a sudden it was a cohesive picture. Holy crap, I even balanced out the colors nicely.

I’m also immensely proud of my usage of the black and white china markers. If you don’t have these things, then go get them. They are kickass. They are INVALUABLE tools for shadows and highlights. I tried them out on the circle stencil and BOOM, I have orange bubbles.

I finished the page and stared at it for a good five minutes, thinking this is so awesome, I’m going to grin until my face hurts. I love when playing around comes together like that!

This is the true essence of the name of this blog, the ART LAB. That’s all I’m really doing, is throwing stuff around and getting messy and learning how to let go and be free. All of my artistic endeavors satisfy my ultimate goals of 1) learning more technique, 2) learning how NOT to plan, 3) learning to let go and shut off the anxiety, and 4) one day elevating my art beyond the level of an amateur. This is my therapy.

I’m shutting up now. Look! A jet-pack-wielding kitty!

(I did not draw this… Google Image Search is my friend.)

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