This one’s for you, Sis

My sister and I didn’t get along in previous years. We drifted when we were younger and didn’t have much in common. There was a stiffness to our conversations for a good long while.

She was the daughter who listened, who the family could rely on, and I was the younger sister who was loud and obnoxious and threw tantrums.

She joined the military, had her two boys J & E, and she eventually moved back to our hometown. Now she’s in school to be an engineer and makes office chairs. I moved several states away from said hometown as fast as I could, got married and had my Little One, got unmarried, and now work a normal 9-5 while being an artsy hippie on the weekends.

She likes country and Nickelback (why?!), I like electronic and rock (Nickelback is not rock… Nickelback is an abomination.) She voraciously reads romance novels, I read science fiction and fantasy. I don’t know that she’s ever seen Star Wars, and I can quote the Original Trilogy (an attractive feature for my first husband). I’m a gamer and the last game I remember her playing was the original Super Mario Brothers.

I’ve felt lonely in my creative pursuits for many years, not able to connect with many who understand the fire inside (and most of whom run the other way when I show my enthusiasm for color and form).

But in the best twist of fate ever, I have discovered that my sister is as much of an art nerd as I am! And she has proven to be an unexpectedly invaluable resource to me ever since.

  • She has introduced me to supplies I had never tried before, like the Gelli plate, Faber Castel gelatos, and hand-carved stamps (to name a few).
  • She has tried out an exponential number of art supplies and is able to tell me what not to spend my money on, for which my wallet is eternally grateful.
  • She has handmade two of my current art journals, Red Mini and “the awesome brown one” (it doesn’t have a name yet), helping me build the foundation of my work in a unique and memorable way.

But most importantly, she has given me the best thing anyone in the world could give: advice, complete acceptance and love, and a place of zero judgement in which to show my artful experiments. She’s given me the foundation for my artistic confidence. I would be remiss if I did not raise a glass to her influence.

This is proof that I’m not just a weird aberration… Rather, I come from good stock. And she and I share those Good Genes.


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