My name is Obsessed. What’s yours?

So, I counted, and I have 8 active art journals. Maybe 9…. Well, I may officially now be at 10. My number may be off a bit… I mean, what specifically are we counting here? What counts as “active”?

Clearly I need to simplify… Let’s stick with 8. I have 8 active art journals that make up the “core” of my work. I have a few additional mini journals that are good for a quick 5 minute play session. (Yes, the picture only has 7. Who can keep track of this many books?!)

And I have a shelf of books and journals and sketchbooks I’ve collected over the years because I’m ever so slightly obsessed. Do you go to the bookstore and open all the blank books to feel whether the paper is thick, crisp, floppy, or soft? To see whether the book has lines, and if so, are the lines thick, dark, faded, straight, or slightly wonky? And how far apart are the lines spaced? And how does the book open, and does it stay open on its own, and do I feel inspired to write something in the book? Because these are important questions.

Surely I am not the only one with this fascination. And hopefully I am not the only one with a shelf full of blank books which have satisfied my gauntlet of requirements for that “perfect book”.

I have this lifelong goal where I want to be 80 years old and my grand kids come over and look at “Grandma’s Awesome Book Collection”. I would love for visitors to see the overflowing bookcase absolutely FILLED with my work.

I want that to be my legacy. The awesome grandma who is always covered in paint, surrounded by fabric, and neck-deep in unfinished projects (and still starting more!) Well, that and being Tough As Nails. I don’t intend to leave this world frail and boring.

“She was Tough As Nails. And she painted books a lot. She was cool.”


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